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Here are some questions that we’re frequently asked.

Where is your office located?
I-10 and Gessner, or more specifically:
831 Frostwood
Houston, Texas 77024

Are you open 24-hours?
Our hours are 2pm – 9pm everyday.

Do you do extractions?
Yes. Depending on the x-ray, Dr. West or Dr. Serna may or may not be able to extract the tooth.

Do you have an oral surgeon?
No we do not. Dr. West and Dr. Serna are both excellent general dentists.

What payment options do you provide?
We accept several methods of payment, Including cash, Care Credit, and major credit cards.

Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?
Sorry, we do not.

Do you accept insurance?
We will give you an itemized receipt so that you can file with your insurance provider.

What should I do if I knocked out my front teeth?
Put the tooth in milk and call us. It is important that the tooth be replanted as soon as possible.

Do you set up regular appointments on the weekend?
Dr. West and Dr. Serna see strictly emergency patients. Their primary goal is to get you out of pain until you can get to your primary dentist.

What if I’m not sure if I have an emergency or not?
If you feel you have a dental emergency, please call us.