What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation that requires urgent treatment.

Most people don't understand that a broken or knocked out tooth is a dental emergency. However, if an individual fails to identify the severity of these conditions, they may end up with more complications.

Some symptoms of a serious dental injury can include: severe toothache or jaw soreness, pain while chewing, face inflammation, isolated bleeding from a certain area of the mouth, changes in tooth color, pus from infection around the gum area, or trouble breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact 911 or go to an emergency room without delay!

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If you are suffering severe pain, bleeding, or fear your tooth may be broken or chipped, contact Houston Emergency Dental right away.

Severe pain is an unambiguous sign of injury or infection and most times, it is an indication that your mouth may be injured or infected, or that you have an abscess or broken tooth. Your dentist must decide whether you need antibiotics or other medication, or if any dental measures must be done immediately to resolve the problem.

Steps to Take After an Injury

While playing sports or doing other activities, you may end up fracturing a tooth or even knocking a tooth out. If this happens, contact your dentist immediately.

  • Mouth Bleeding
    If your mouth is still bleeding after applying a cold compress or pressure, see your dentist right away. Continual bleeding may cause sickness and pain in children and usually indicates a deeper abrasion or more intricate injury.
  • Tooth Fractures
    Tooth fractures are very common and usually not serious. If you are in pain however, it is important to go to the dentist. The crack may be deep and have reached the underlying dentin or pulp. Dead pulp tissue quickly decays and causes serious abscesses or even infection.
  • Knocked Tooth
    If your tooth has been knocked loose, it is important to not poke or push your other teeth because you may cause more damage to the surrounding teeth that may be loose or cracked.
  • Knocked Out Tooth (Dental Avulsion)
    A knocked out tooth has a high chance of being put back into the mouth if you get to the dentist within thirty minutes. However, even if more time has elapsed, don't hesitate to visit us.

It’s important not to let the tooth dry out. Clean your tooth gently with cold water and tuck the knocked out tooth between your cheek and gum, being careful to not swallow it. Alternatively, place the tooth in a container of milk and go to the dentist. Never scrub the tooth because you may damage the live root.

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